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state paid daycare

There is many benefits to having state paid daycare expenses for your child or children.

Note that in the very same breathe you should know that there are disadvantages too.

State daycare expense is taken care of by some sort of tax which is transferred to residents in the city you reside in.

That means the government is involved in the procedures and things could get real messy. Not to mention the process of getting the benefit is probably going to take years.

By that time your small child is not at all small anymore and well out of daycare stages.

The better option is to check to see if your company you work for has a daycare center or an affiliate facility that works with them. This way you can get a discount for services.

Just because something is free doesn't mean that it is good. Personally when it comes to my kids I would never leave them in the hands of a government aided childcare program.

I would much rather pay the money for a private sector service because they know that competition is right around the way. The government has no competition therefore they get slack in customer service.

Think about the U.S. Post Office, Tag Offices or Driver License Bureaus etc...etc.

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