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sleep mat for day care

A sleep mat for day care is important to the daycare facility as well as the young kids that they are designed for.

On an average day you have children that have had some type of sugar intake and are very wired. Even with no sugar they are naturally designed to go at 100 miles an hour.

That's when a schedule for rest is enforced by the managers and childcare teachers. Without a break for a nap things could get way out of hand.

The mats within the facility will work just fine for this solution to a small problem. Some parents like to bring customed matting for their kids but I disagree with this.

If you run a daycare center I strongly recommend that you discourage this as it will cause jealousy amongst the children. If you want a room full of kids arguing about a mat then go ahead with

I'm not a professor of colors or anything but I find that bright colored mats work well too. Try to stay with primary colors like Red, Blue or Yellow.

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