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Sample Resume for Daycare Provider Along With Information

sample resume for daycare provider

Within this article, you are going to find a sample resume for daycare provider. For those individuals that are looking to apply for a daycare job, this resume is going to come in handy. You can make as much use of this sample as you can, but don’t copy it. You should never lie on a resume, only put the truth. Keep in mind that the daycare provider will be playing a big role in handling children of all ages and walks of lives. Before you apply for the daycare job, you should make sure it is something that you really want. You should be able to handle young children with their emotional and physical needs. You must also like scheduling fun activities and be creative. A good daycare provider will be able to get the children to bring out their special talents and show everyone. There is no doubt that this is an important career and a great step up.   

On the top of the resume, you must provide your first and last name followed by your address and under that you should put your home phone number, under your home phone number you should put your cell phone number followed by your email address. In the old days an e-mail address wasn’t necessary but due to the growth of computers, email is always useful. The top of your resume should look  like this format: 

Ariela Fitzpatrick 

400 North Cross Avenue 

Home phone:  1(111)111-1111 

Cell phone: 1(111)111-111 

E-mail address: ArielaFitzpatrick@Us.Army.Mil.Gov 

When it comes to the field of teaching, we have six years of experience with professionally teaching students in a preschool along with elementary school environment. We would like to label ourselves as an expert when it comes to teaching methodologies that help children with learning. Also a great learner when it comes to adapting to and utilizing new teaching techniques. We have experience when it comes to teaching different age groups that were in need of different methodologies of learning.  In the past we have given guidance and existence to nearly all of the children that have crossed our paths.  

  Objective: We would like to get the chance to use the experience and skills to promote a positive atmosphere and help children learn and grow. We are looking for a responsible and challenging position to exercise our abilities and experience efficiently for the children. 

Achievements: We have great communication skills and will be able to efficiently talk to children. We are able to create a learning environment that will be interesting to children of all ages and will gladly make the adventures of learning not only creative, but fun as well. Most of all, we have a caring attitude and will treat each child as if they were a child of our own. We look forward to touching lives of many children during the career.  

You should also include your education. If you have a bachelor of science, then feel free to put that down on your resume. Any type of education you have, you should put it down, you can list more than one type of education as long as that is what you have. Also, don’t forget to list any type of certification you have.  Apart from all of that, don’t forget about your work history and include the dates and contact numbers of previous employers. When writing about your work history, you should include your responsibilities and duties at each work site.

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