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Sample Daycare Menu and Other Information

sample daycare menu

Daycare menus should be yummy, but they should also be nutritional. You have to keep in mind that a child’s nutrition is a must have, because they are in growing bodies that need nutrition. Many of the children do not take vitamin supplements, so all of the nutrition they get comes from food. If you run a daycare, then we are here to help you. Many individuals who run a daycare say that it is easy, but the hardest part of running a daycare is trying to make the children eat their food that they have on the menu for the day. There is no doubt that children can be picky eaters and that is why getting them to eat is really hard to do. There are a number of different things you will need to keep in mind as you are creating the children’s menu for your daycare. Within this article, you are going to find a sample daycare menu along with some extra information that you may find useful about the food in a daycare.

When you are preparing the food for the children, you will need to think about each individual child’s likes and dislikes. You should always keep alternate choices at hands because there may be children who absolutely do not like what you are serving on the menu for that day. However, the children in the daycare facility should be encouraged to try the food first before they say they don’t like it. Many times children just say they do not like the food because they do not like how it looks or they do not want to eat. Then when they finally taste they food they find that it is their favorite thing and want it everyday. When running a daycare, you should focus on the three bite rule. The children must take at least three bites of the food before they figure out they don’t like it.  

We must tell you, if you provide dip for a child, then they will eat almost anything. We don’t know what it is, but for some reason children really enjoy dipping their food. Just watch out, because sometimes the children will end up eating all of the dip and leaving the food behind. During the first week of daycare,  on Monday you could provide muffins and juice with the snack, cooked veggies, meat pies and milk with the lunch, veggie sticks, cheese and juice for a snack and then by that time they will be going home where they will have supper. On Tuesday you could give some fruit or yogurt and a shake for snack, MacNCheese, Raw Veggies with dip and milk for lunch and for another snack you could give them sherbet and juice. On Wednesday you could give them a granola bar and milk for snack, for lunch you would give them carrot sticks with dip, chicken nuggets and juice and for snack you would give them Banana Boats (Peanut butter and raisins) and milk. Get this picture? Now that you have a sample of the menu, you should make a menu of your own and pass the weekly or monthly menu out to the parents.

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