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Playground Equipment Daycare Safety and Must Haves

playground equipment daycare

Where did you meet your spouse? Within this article, we are going to tell you a little story that happened in our life, but we are also going to be telling you about playground equipment daycare. By now you are probably wondering what playground equipment and daycare have to do with meeting your spouse. We asked you this because could you imagine meeting your spouse in the daycare playground? No silly, your spouse wasn’t playing in the sandbox when they were twenty years old, but they were playing in that sand box found in daycare when they were two years old. When we first met our spouse he was pushing his truck through the sand and throwing dirt, along with eating it. Now doesn’t that sound romantic? Twenty years later after meeting each other in the sandbox, we got married.   

When daycares are built, they should always make sure there is a sandbox. Honestly, the sandbox brings a lot of children together, we are living proof of that. Sure, sandboxes can get a bit dirty for children, but that is what playground clothes are made for. Apart from the sandbox, there are a number of other equipment that should be in a daycare park. The equipment is put there to entertain children, so the provider should make sure the equipment is not boring, but at the same time they should make sure the equipment is safe. Keep in mind that the equipment fund on a playground is what develops the child’s physical strength, agility, dexterity and also their concentration. Then of course, the playground for the daycare helps the children make a lot of friends. 

When having the equipment installed on the playground, the daycare provider will need to take the following into consideration: is the play yard big enough for the type of equipment being installed? What are the age limits for the equipment? Is the surface that is found under the equipment resilient and safe? What about the drainage, is it proper? In the play yard, are there any sidewalks, fences, trees or drains that could obstruct the equipment? And so on.  You should always make sure there are no ropes dangling from the equipment that could cause a child to get strangled or even cause them to trip. The equipment you choose for the daycare should be easy to maintain and hold up for years, it should also be environmentally friendly.  

There are tons of manufactures throughout the USA that provides equipment for playgrounds so this should not be a factor. There are a number of different sites that will help you find the best equipment for the playground and also help you when it comes to comparing prices. Some of the things you may want to consider are the shipping details, post-sales service and the assembly instructions. In the end, your daycare facility should have slides, swings and don’t forget that sandbox. You can choose for the playground equipment to be steel or you could make it all plastic playground equipment, but the steel equipment tends to last a bit longer than the plastic equipment. In the end, you should have fun as you are putting the playground for your daycare together. We know you can’t wait to hear the children’s laughter and watch a life long relationship take place in the sandbox.

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