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pictures of daycare

Just like the movie Daddy Daycare pictures of daycare centers will help you make better decisions on what to place in your facility.

Along with photos of a home based setup you may want to interview some owners to see what really works and what does not. Find out what they like about their setup and what they wish they could change.

Child care has to be fun but also functional for both the kids and the staff members.

Eddie Murphy quickly found this out when he first started his home daycare. You will need to find out what kind of lunch menus are best. Which sleeping mats work and are the cheapest.

These things may seem small but in actuality they are business back breakers if you get them wrong. I have attached some pics of daycares to this page so you can take a look at some facilities that work.

These are both corporate setups and home based centers that work well. If you do it right the first time your childcare experience will be good. Get it wrong and you will ate your new business.

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