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nc star daycare rating and fees

The nc star daycare rating and fees or North Carolina basketball and football rates are higher than your average childcare facility.

Why you ask? well first of all the Real Estate around the daycares lucky enough to be there is sky high. You have to remember that agents are dealing with elite and professional athletes that have huge contracts.

That means that there children are going to get the best child care services available in the area. the only way to do this is to hire the best nurses and employees to look after those kids.

Sure networking may play a part in it but look for the rates and fees to be upward toward $1,000 a week.

I have personally been in some of these centers and they all have educational tools consisting of Leap Frog gaming systems, Apple iMac computers and trained staff that have nothing less than a bachelors degree.

Most of the setups are close to what you would get for a far less amount of money by enrolling into a gym membership at Lifetime Fitness. Which I add that if you are close to one of these facilities... JOIN!

With all that being said still check for reviews and see if you can interview some parents that have their kids enrolled in the daycare you are considering. Even star parents don't like to waste money all the time.

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