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Multicultural Daycare Helps our Children

multicultural daycare

We have all seen the picture of the children holding hands around the world, these children are from all walks of life. They appear to be so peaceful, innocent and have big smiles with hearts that are filled with love. Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to have your child associate with other walks of life? Have you ever gotten the opportunity to visit a multicultural daycare? Don’t feel bad, because many individuals have never even heard of this type of daycare in their life.   

Luckily, we have gotten the chance to see this type of daycare and it was a neat facility with all types of unique pictures on the wall. When we first walked into this daycare, we could not believe it was even a daycare. It was really unique, to say the least. Many individuals do not even realize the advantages that multicultural can bring to a daycare or any other business. When walking into this daycare for the first time, we saw lots of children having fun with children that looked different than themselves.This type of daycare gives children the chance to interact with other children from all walks of life.  

The children learn to get along with other cultures in this type of daycare and this is just what we need in the world today. Today, the children are not getting the chance to learn about the other cultures throughout the world because they are not being exposed to it as much as they should be.  Americans, Arabics, Jewish, Chinese, French, Irish and other walks of life enjoy the opportunity of a daycare that has all walks of life because they like their children being close to each other. The children in this type of daycare will get to learn about the cooking in the other countries along with the way other countries have to get their food and how they have fun. Our children went to this type of daycare and they were really interested. Everyday I picked them up from the daycare they were telling me about another culture and how they were.  The neat thing about this daycare is that they would allow someone from a whole different culture other than American to come in and tell the children about their culture in their country.  

When we picked our children up from daycare each day, we could not wait to hear what culture they got to learn about that day. Everyday they would get to draw pictures of the culture they got to learn about during the week.  Each week the children in this daycare would get to learn about a different culture. We believe these daycares allow our children to learn about different cultures and they get to interact with other cultures throughout the world. Because of these daycares, our children are learning that American is not the only culture to be found in the world. They are learning that there are tons of other cultures and that is the way it should be.

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