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montgomery + alabama + daycare

When you talk about montgomery + alabama + daycare you will get into a great conversation. For those that don't know the city's nick name is "The Gump" and has an air force base located there.

Do you know what that means to parents and more importantly childcare providers? It means there is a great amount of revenue being spent and collected weekly on both sides.

Military individuals that have kids are some of the best clients to any daycare facility. Not only do they have the income to pay but they are pretty loyal for the time that they are deployed to that city.

If you run a great center they will not only pay you what you are worth but they will bring additional business to you from fellow soldiers on the base.

Montgomery, Alabama is a better place to start or run a day care than a place like Birmingham where you have to compete with the University for attention.

AL. also has cheaper prices for childcare than it's neighboring state Georgia.

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