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Two Good Knoxville Day Care Centers

knoxville day care centers

When you first walk into a daycare center to drop your children off, does it bring back memories of when you were their age? Parents have been taking their children to daycare centers for many years now. Many parents take their children to daycare centers because they have jobs and are not able to watch after their children while they are at work. Then you have those parents who take their children to daycares because they believe daycares are a great place and give their children the opportunity to interact with other children while they go around town and take care of their business. There is no doubt that daycares are a wonderful thing and that is why they have been around for a long time. There are many daycares that open each day. Within this article, we are going to tell you about a couple of Knoxville day care centers that we believe are great daycares.   

The first daycare we are going to tell you about is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and is called Kiddiestation. The name of this daycare explains it all, it is a great place with a nice child like environment that is full of learning. Children are new, fresh and full of excitement and that is why we believe Kiddiestation is a great place for them. At this daycare, you can count on your child getting great educational opportunities. All of the activities they have are to help your children with the learning process as they grow. They also take part in drama, dance, arts, crafts, music, sports, hobbies, games, computers, nature and much more. Not only do the children like this daycare, but they parents like this daycare because they try to make learning as fun as possible. 

Kiddiestation  has a license from the Tennessee Department of Human Services and is also currently participating in the Stars Program. This daycare has received great reviews in two different newspapers because of their food program that is outstanding. We had a friend who used this daycare and they said it was one of the best daycares they have ever seen. Today, their daughter is 5 years old and continues to stay at this daycare. We highly recommend this daycare to parents in the Knoxville area who are in need of childcare. 

The second daycare we going to tell you about is called Kiddie Academy. Kiddie Academy can also be found in Knoxville Tennessee and is a leading provider in child care. They also focus on education for the children. This academy first launched over twenty seven years ago, so they have a lot of experience in what they do. This day care facility has went through a lot of growth throughout the years and has academies found throughout the United States.  Kiddie Academy will be teaching your children the best way they know how to, they will also teach them the manners they need as they grow older. With Kiddie Academy there are many opportunities for your child and that is why we recommend this facility to parents.

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