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kids are cool lubbock daycare

One of the most popular childcare centers in Texas is the kids are cool lubbock daycare facility. Many parents in this area of the longhorn state enroll their children in the center.

The staffing is great and the customer service is A1 and continues to hit that high mark year after year.

That doesn't mean that it's perfect because no daycare center is. It simply means that Lubbock has a highly efficient way of dealing with kids and parents to remain at the top of the pool of childcare.

Part of the success is the networking of friends and family. Texas Tech plays a huge part as well due to the staff at the school using the center for their little ones.

Parents are involved with their children from preschool to Lubbock High school all the way to Texas Tech University. You would not believe how many of them actually know Bill Maddux and follow the sports programs.

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