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Things to Consider When Looking into How to Start A Doggie Daycare

how to start a doggie day care

In this day and age, the doggie daycare is becoming more and more prevalent in our society. There are many different doggie daycares, but it seems like there isn’t enough. When you are thinking about starting a doggie daycare, there are a number of different factors you will need to take into thought. Within this article, we are going to give you some basic information as to how to start a doggie daycare. There are many dogs throughout the world that are in need of attention when their owners have to go on an emergency trip or a business trip. The doggie daycare is an alternative to going to a kennel.   

In a kennel that the vet will provide, the dogs will mostly be kept in cages. Yes, they will be taken out for scheduled walks, fed the amount of food they need and get their cages cleaned out,. However, they will not get as much attention as they would be getting by going to a doggie daycare, this is why we think starting a doggie daycare is an excellent idea, you will be making a lot of dogs happy.  Before you start your doggie daycare, you will need to check the law in your area to make sure you will be allowed to start the daycare up. You will also need to take into consideration the type of breeds you will be watching after. 

We would like to let you in on a little secret, we own a doggie daycare, except we watch after one breed. We have chosen to look after American Pit Bull Terriers, simply because we have always had love for this breed and they are excellent dogs to get along with. If you want to look after one breed of dog, then when you first start up your doggie daycare, you will need to make this in bold letters on your flyer. Also, if you only want to look after little dogs, then you will need to add this on the list. We believe watching big dogs, such as pit bulls is the best part of the job, but we understand that there are some individuals out there that are not able to watch after big dogs and prefer little dogs. 

You will also need to take the food into consideration. When the owner drops the dog off for you to look after, they may want to leave a bag of dog food with the dog. This is because you do not want to change the dogs diet all of a sudden without easing him /her into it because this could make him or her sick and you do not need this.  If you will be providing the dog the dog food, then you will need to find out from the owner just what type of dog food the dog has been eating. When running a doggie daycare, you will need to keep the place up to date. You can expect inspections to take place every now and then and you may not know when they will be taking place.

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