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Talking About How Much Do Daycare Owners Make

how much do daycare owners make

When it comes to starting up your daycare, then we must tell you that you have made a great decision. Starting a daycare would be very fun, because you will get to interact with children of all different ages. Today, it seems as if daycare facilities are more in need than ever before. Perhaps this is because more and more parents have to work in order to make ends meet due to the drop in the economy today. When running a daycare facility of your own, you will need to be successful in order to make the money you want o make. Within this article, we are going to discuss the factor and answer your question that you have been asking…how much do daycare owners make?   

When looking into the amount of money the daycare owners make, you are going to  be amazed. The amount of money the daycare facility makes will all depend on the amount of money they charge for each individual child. It will also depend on whether or not the daycare owner has hired staff to help them out. When the daycare owner hires staff to help them out with the daycare, then they will be required to pay them money each week, every two weeks or monthly. We are going to discuss how much money a daycare owner would make if they were working alone, without hiring staff. 

To start with, if a daycare owner charged $30.00 per child each day (which is cheap) and they watch the child for 5 days a week, then that is $150.00 a week. Which equals out to $600.00 per month. If you watch two children throughout the month, then the price is going to be doubled. Watching three children each month, the price will be tripled. As you see, the more children you watch each month, the more money you will be making. You should also keep in mind not to get to overwhelmed with the amount of money you get, because many times, daycares get to much into the amount of money they will be making and fail to remember the children.  

When running a daycare facility, you will also need to take the costs of repair as a factor. Also, don’t forget about the insurance that is required. In many states, liability insurance is required if an individual is looking to run a daycare. We have known individuals that make well over 70 thousand a year just or running a daycare. If you have a daycare that has 12 children in it, charging them $30.00 a day for 5 days, then you will be looking at$7,200 a month and  $86,400 a year. Also, don’t forget to take the child’s breakfast, lunch and dinners into consideration. If you are not going to be providing the children with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, then you should make sure you tell the parents this before they even sign up for your daycare. We believe having a daycare that provides all of the meals necessary will make the parents want to come to you more. 

Also, in order to take advantage of the money you could be making, you will need to make sure you advertise your daycare business. Advertising a daycare business is the best thing for you to do.

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