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High School Daycares Decrease the Drop Out Rate

high school daycares

When a teenage girl gives birth to a baby, there is no doubt that her life is going to completely change right before her eyes. Not every high school girl is living the typical girl life, if you take a look in your local high school, chances are there is at least one teenage girl who is pregnant or who already has a baby. Teenage girls can become pregnant each and it does not necessary mean they are bad. Even teenage girls who use protection get pregnant. When it may seem irresponsible to even have sex when you are in high school, you can’t stop what has already been done. Each and everyone of the baby’s created in this world is a blessing. With that said, we would like to discuss further into the situation by telling you about high school daycares in your area..   

Daycares are available in a high school for those mothers who are still going to school. There are many girls who have had to drop out of high school simply because they got pregnant and had a baby. Those high schools that they had to drop out of did not have a daycare for them to take the child to. Sure, the parents could watch the children for them, but they took on the task of having a baby, so they stay home to care for the baby. We are glad there are high schools out there that offer the daycare option to the moms that are going to high school. This is because it makes the drop out rate go down and that is just what we need. 

Not to get off topic, but there are many individuals out there that will argue the fact of having a daycare inside a high school. They say having a daycare located inside a high school, just for high school moms will encourage teenagers to have sex and not care about getting pregnant. Honestly, we don’t see this as a viable argument simply because we do not believe this. If a high school girl is going to have sex, they are going to do it no matter what. A high school girl isn’t going to look at their boyfriend and say “oh, there’s a daycare here for high school moms, so why not have sex.” Normally, it is a spur of the moment thing that they do without even thinking about. If a teenage girl knew for sure that she was going to get pregnant, then she would not do it. Same for the boy, a lot of boys don’t want that on their conscience.   

Daycares that are located in the high school seem to be the best thing out there. The daycares are now allowing high school students who once were not able to finish their education go ahead and finish. Getting an education is one of the most important factors in today’s world and that is why we believe there should be daycares in every high school throughout the United States.

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