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Games for a Daycare That Children Will Enjoy

games for daycare

When it comes to daycare centers, most of them do a great job when there is bad weather and those old rainy days. By mixing and using a number of different games, all of the children that are attending daycare will be having an excellent time. In fact, they will be having so much fun that when it comes time to go home, they will not want to. They will go home and talking about all of the fantastic games they got to play with the other children in daycare and that is the way it should be. You will be really happy to hear that your children had fun in daycare, this is what gives parents an ease of mind as they are at work. Within this article, we are going to be telling you about games for a daycare.  

We are sure everyone has heard of duck duck goose. This game may be boring to adults, but we know the children will enjoy it just like we did when we were growing up as children. With this game, everyone will be sitting in a big circle. One person is appointed as “it” will be walking around the outside of the circle where everyone sits. The person will be taping each individuals head saying “duck.” Whenever “it” taps on a head and says “goose,” that individual will get up and chase “it” all around the outside of the circle back to where the individual was first sitting. If “it” makes it back to where the individual was sitting without being tagged, then there is going to be a new “it.” We believe this is a fun game. Younger children can also play it. When younger children are learning how to play it, an older child could guide them around as they run. 

It’s  been awhile since we have even heard anyone mention this one, but it really is a fun game that is sure to bring laughs to any daycare. Have you ever heard of Seven Up? When playing Seven Up, all of the children have to sit in their desks with their heads down on the desk, their eyes should also be closed. Seven children who are standing at the front of the daycare will walk around and tap just one child on the head. Those individuals that get tapped will need to raise their hands. Raising the hand will let the others know that they have been tapped so that they won’t tap them. After seven individuals have been tapped, the tappers will need to go to the front of the room. The children who got tapped on their head will now try to guess who tapped them on the head. The individual will get to stay standing up as long as no one guesses correctly.  

These games have been proven to be fun and have been tested by millions of children throughout the world. We believe it is time for you to introduce them to your children. You should also keep in mind that children tend to have a short attention span, when this happens, just move on to the next game.

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