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It Doesn't Make National Health News

You won't find Mike Rowe doing a dirty jobs daycare episode on the Discovery channel hit show but that means nothing to providers.

Even though childcare service centers don't make the National health care news at eleven it's important.

With baby boys and girls in abundance you have to worry about nasty germs and words like flu or influenza.

Because daycares deal with kids their is a great amount of bacteria and dirty things because of what they get into and how they play.

Even a very clean facility can get dirty if it's not cleaned up daily or hourly in some cases. Especially if you are dealing with kids in the cold winter season.

Try to carry sanitation wipes for minor sneeze or coughs. It may seem small to you but this could spread germy toys.

Remember a cough releases airborne pollutants. Every daycare teacher should be aware of this. You don not want bacteria spreading like wildfire in a childcare facility center.

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