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daycare payment assistance

daycare payment assistance

Not everyone can afford daycare. In today’s world, daycare is at high demand, which only means that the daycare is going to cost a lot. Making $9.00 an hour, for an eight hour day, you will be making $72.00. That equals up to $360.00 a week and $1440.00 each month. That isn’t bad, is it? Then you take out your house payment of $550.00, that will bring you down to $890.00. Then your electric and phone bill of about $300.00 combined will bring you down to $250.00, which is your food money. So where is the daycare expenses coming from? If you pay $25.00 a day, 5 days a week, 20 days a month, you will be paying $500.00 a month for daycare…where is this money coming from daycare? If that is the case, then you might as well not have a job. Wait…there is a such thing as daycare payment assistance. Have you ever heard of this assistance? Not many individuals have heard of this and that is why there is a lot of unemployment going on.   

There are assistance programs that are put out there for the families that cannot afford to go to daycare. Those assistance programs help the individuals out by paying half or all of the daycare services that they need. They allow the family to choose the daycare provider, then they pay for it. In order to take advantage of the assistance that is offered, you do not have to accept any other type of state aid. The assistance is primarily based on the income of the parents who are working. A few other factors that play a role in determining if the family qualifies is the hours that the parents are working, education experience and approved training. Families may also be held responsible for the co-payments of the daycare services that are provided, but this all depends on the income and the size of the family.  

Assistance with daycare expenses is guaranteed to be offered to all of those working families who are eligible for the assistance. Keep in mind that here are no time limits on the assistance and there are not waiting lists. A family of two can only make up to $24,642 a year, family of three must make less than 30,906 a year, family of four must make less than 37,170 per year, family of five must make les than 43,434 per year and a family of six must make les than 49,698 per year.  When it comes to child care and assistance, parents have many different options. They can enroll their children in a licensed child-care center. They can also enroll their children to be cared for by a relative that has been approved. 

This assistance is not only offered to families, but it is also offered to those employers who have working parents. This will allow the employers to create a family friendly environment which is the best type of environment to work in. The workers will not have to worry about their children and they will have child care that is affordable and accessible, which gives them a peace of mind and will allow them to focus more on their work.

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