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daycare pasadena texas

daycare pasadena texas


Many children have to go to daycare each and everyday.

While some children don’t have to go to daycare over the weekend, you have some who do.

Many jobs are not only during the day time and week time, but you also have jobs that are during the night time and require the parent to work during the weekends and even holidays. When this case arises, there is only a couple of things they can do when they have children.

They can either leave the children with a friend or family member, turn to a daycare service provider, or not accept the job. Not accepting the job is not the best way to go, because when you have children you are not only supporting yourself, but you are supporting those children as well. Without a job, you will not be able to provide them with the shelter, food and clothing they need. This means you should seek out a daycare. If you live in Pasadena, Texas, then there are many daycare Pasadena Texas listings that will catch your eye. Within this article, we are going to tell you about the listings that caught our eyes when we were looking for a daycare facility for our children. 

Seeking out a daycare to send your children should do can be a long and hard task, so you should do this before you are in need of a daycare. Right when you decide you will be getting a job, you will need to start looking for a daycare. When looking for a daycare, you need to take the price in mind. You defiantly will be needing something you can afford. If you only make $5.35 an hour and work for eight hours out of the day, then you will be receiving a pay rate of $42.80 each day, and that is not including taxes being took out. If you find a daycare that is $20.00 for one day, then you will be making less than $22.80 each day, which totals out to $114.00 a week if you work 5 days (40 hours). If you do the math, you will see that is only $456.00 a month…can you survive on that? That would not even pay our car payment, let alone a house payment and food.  So you should either find a higher paying job, which in some cases is hard to do, or you should find somewhere that is cheaper. Although, we don’t think you are going to find anywhere that is cheaper than $20.00 a day, because $20.00 a day is cheap as is. 

When looking for a daycare in Pasadena, you will be able to find many different listings. Amongst the listings in Pasadena, we found Star Montessori School and Day Care. The name alone sounds like a good name, but when you look deeper into the daycare, you will find that it is an excellent daycare. When looking at the daycare facility, you will find that they have a fenced in yard that is necessary for the children to stay safe. The fence not only keeps children from running out, but it also keeps strangers from entering the fence. This daycare facility watches children at the ages of eighteen months to six years old. They also offer summer programs, after school care and are CPR certified. You can also count on your children going on field trips. 

The next daycare facility we are going to discuss is called Heavenley Kids Learning Center. With this daycare facility, your children will be getting home-cooked meals. They watch children anywhere from the ages of six weeks old to ten years old. They will also be offering child care before and after school. Also, we believe in having fun and so does this daycare, that is why they offer field trips each month. With this daycare, your children are defiantly safe, because there are cameras on site.

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