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Daycare Marketing Plan That Really Works

daycare marketing plan

When you have just started a daycare up, you will need to make sure you have a good daycare marketing plan. The plan you have should be proven to work, but if you want, you can be creative and try something on your own. Starting a daycare is pretty easy to do, once you have the facility and the licenses, now is the time to start advertising that daycare. Without advertising, your daycare may not be successful. You want parents to come to you so that you can give them the services you offer. Without parents, you will have no kids to watch and without kids to watch you will have no money. Don’t waste your time, start the plan up today. In order to gain your fame fast and be successful, we are going to provide you with some tips that have been proven to work.   

The first tip we have for you that you should include on your plan involves advertising with flyers. You should place the flyers around the area you are offering the daycare services at. You should not waste those brochures and flyers, do not post them more than two miles away. When you are posting the flyers, you should ask someone such as the supermarkets, grocery stores, doctors offices and vet offices if you can post the flyers. On the flyers, it will be great if you could provide detailed information. The flyer gives you the chance to sell yourself. 

When you first start your daycare services, you should let your friends and family know what you are doing. Chances are the friends and family members will help you our by promoting your business around town. Your friends and family members will help you go into business fast by getting your name out there. We believe word of the mouth is the best way to go in many cases, because individuals who hear information from other people are more likely to listen and believe them. Information that is put on flyers could be false and many times people hesitate to call the numbers that are on the flyers. Apart from posting information around town on flyers and getting friends and family members to tell people about your services, you could also create a blog on the Internet. You will be surprised at how many people from your area will read your blog. Also, Myspace is very popular these days, you could create a business profile through Myspace, be sure to list it in your zip code so that it will show up when people type in your zip code. On the Myspace page, you could tell about the services you offer and the phone number to reach you at. If you haven’t noticed, many individuals have started to use this technique because it is effective. 

Have you put much thought into holding an open house? Holding an open house will allow potential clients to come in and see how you will be operating the daycare. At this point, you should make sure you have business cards that are already made up. Holding an open house will bring you many advantages. You could offer some discounts to those individuals that come to your open house. For instance, if they sign up for the daycare services that night, they will get half off of the services for the first week.

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