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daycare license requirements

If you are a child care entrepreneur I'm sure you have been looking for daycare license requirements for your state or city.

Let's be honest here this is a very lucrative business. If you can deal with children and truly have a gift to be around and care for them you will be well off.

The problem is deciding whether you will have a home based business or a commercial one.

Will you have 3-5 kids or are you going all out with a 50-100 child daycare center. Having one of these type facilities will cost you big money upfront.

Most people are asking the question how to start a home daycare because it cost much less with start up money.

Plus the clients usually come from word of mouth or a close nit circle of friends or family. I must say that this option does not work for people that stay in an apartment. Only home owners can take advantage of this type daycare.

Renters have to deal with an entirely different set of rules regarding zoning licenses and more.

Check your local government building for the forms or simply hit their website if you stay in a large enough city.

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