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daycare in my area

A daycare in my area is just as common as a preschool or babysitter because people have kids and have to work to support them.

The only thing that might be scarce in your state or city for that matter is a nanny. Usually you don't find them in the United States. They seem to be a United Kingdom and Canada profession.

Commercial centers are what you find if looking in the phone books or on the Internet. Home daycare facilities are nor covert but tend to only be discovered through word of mouth or family and friend connections.

So the best way ti find a CHILD CARE center is to ask around or research the web.

Try answers, yahoo or google and it won't be long before you run into hundreds of listings.

If you are short on cash the best option is to take advantage of babysitting from a relative or friend. This go double if you have an infant or toddler.

Your parents or the child grandparents to be correct will be the best and or number one choice because they have already done the job. That's how you were raised remember.

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