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Daycare Employee Policies Handbook

daycare employee policies handbook

If you have a business, such as daycare, up in operation in your hands, then sooner or later, you will have to take time to create a daycare employee policies handbook. We believe every employer should have a handbook to give their employees. This handbook will allow the employees to look at the policies at anytime, they will no longer have to go to the manager or business owner in order to get the answer to simple questions. This handbook could also prevent mistakes from happening and at the same time it will be enhancing the production of the daycare facility. The handbook is also there in order to give you legal protection just in case an incident arises where the employee says “But I did not know what to do.” We are going to tell you some more information about this handbook as far as what should be in it, so continue reading.  

Smaller daycares have small handbooks that are not that complex, however, the bigger the organization becomes, the more details there are that should be in the book. Whatever you do, you should always make sure the manual covers the basics that you require. You should make sure you list the workday framework. This means you should have the hours of operation, break times, lunch times and any routine events that are ongoing. These ongoing events could include the meeting for the staff that takes place every Friday. 

Also, in the handbook you should place an annual calendar. This annual calendar should include all of the legal holidays that are paid by the daycare facility. This should also have pertinent dates. These pertinent dates could include the annual picnic or the shutdown of the company for two weeks around the middle of July. Lets not forget about the building layout. The building layout will show where the restrooms, library, resource room, supply area, employees’ kitchen, eating area, conference room and other area is. Don’t forget about that attendance policy. Every handbook should have the attendance policy in order to make sure every employee fully understands the days they are required to work. Some of the most annoying things of being a supervisor is when the employee keeps calling in for work with lame excuses, then you have employees that don’t call into work because they say they did not know who to contact. When making the attendance policy, you should include the name and number of who to contact, what information is needed and by what time. You should also tell about special attendance ramifications. This included documentation when someone has a doctors appointment. Also state the disciplinary action that will take place after a number of absences that have been unreported. 

In the handbook, do not forget to include the dress code. You do not want someone coming into your daycare to work wearing hardly nothing. You should describe the clothing that is required along with the styles. You can also explain the limits, if there are any, of cosmetics, shoes, jewelry, hair styles, nail fashions, fragrances, etc. If these are not all spelled out, the employee may feel that they are free to adopt some fashions that are not right for the business environment.  Don’t forget about the sexual harassment policy. This may include policies against religion or bias discrimination. You should say exactly what is being protected at your workplaces and the consequences that will come about. In the end, if you put enough time in your handbook, you should have no problem with employees understanding you. The next time an employee says “but I did not know,” you can point at the handbook.

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