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day care curriculum

As a parent you have to get the day care curriculum down pack if you plan on being a participating adult for your child.

Daycare activities and other planned educational projects can really get a parent bogged down with lesson plans and more.

One of the things that makes for good practice is preschool activities no matter the age of the child. Trust me they can learn the curriculum at young age.

Children are amazing when they are younger and have a good core family support. My mother told me that in my early childhood my uncles taught me a lot by reading to me.

I see this happening with many toddlers on National Geographic who get books read to them too. Leap frog games are great also and should definitely be thrown in the mix from time to time.

If you are fortunate enough you will have better success by home school activities. My brother has a 4 year old and he is about as smart as a 3rd of 4th grader.

Childhood is precious and should be nourished with fun of Free coloring, kid recipes and other resource things like science & discovery. Make sure you include music & movement which is extremely important for Early Childhood education.

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