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Psychological Effects of Daycare

Many people wonder what the psychological effects of daycare are. Some researches claim that daycare will make children more aggressive later on. Other researches say that daycare has no effect as long as the parents spend enough time with the children.

There are so many researches and there are varied claims. If you are thinking of putting your child in daycare then you have to think of a lot of things. First of all, you have to think about the daycare facility. Is it a good daycare facility?

  • Can the children learn a lot from the daycare facility?
  • Does the daycare facility exhibit a track record of successfully sending children to primary school?
  • Second, how much of the child’s time will be spent with the daycare facility?
  • Is the child going to be spending ten hours a day with the daycare and one hour with you in the car?
  • If this is the case then the daycare will have a greater influence on your child as opposed to you.
  • You should not be surprised if you see your kid as an entirely different person.

Third, have you considered hiring a private nanny instead?

If you have a nanny that you can trust then maybe you should consider hiring her even if you will be spending a little bit more money.

Your child deserves the best and maybe daycare is not the best option for your child. If your child is a born introvert then he or she will simply get stressed in a community environment.

Your child may be better off under the care of a nanny who specializes in taking care of introvert children.

Fourth, are you aware of the risks involved in daycare centers aside from the psychological effects it can have on children?

If you send your child to a daycare center then there will be a higher chance that he or she will contract airborne diseases. Your child may get flu more often especially if your child has low resistance levels.

Fifth, have you asked your child if he or she really wants to go to daycare or not?

Sometimes it may be better to leave your child with your sister a few miles away.

Sometimes your child will prefer to stay at home with a babysitter instead. If your child gets stressed by going to the daycare center then maybe you should reconsider your decision of sending him or her there.

Salary for Daycare Directors

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