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Interview Questions for a Daycare

What are the interview questions for a daycare. If you are planning to put up a daycare center, what should you ask the parents? What should you ask about the children? There are several guidelines to keep in mind when drafting interview questions. First, tackle the basic, most obvious questions. Try to touch on the child’s physical health. Is the child healthy enough to go to daycare? Does the child have any allergic reactions to food? Does the child contract diseases easily? Is the child physically impaired? Is the child blind, deaf, mute, or color blind? If the child has physical handicaps then you have to address them when the child goes to daycare. If you are not capable of addressing the handicaps then you should not accept the child to your daycare facility.Interview Questions for a Daycare

Second, probe into the psychological and mental makeup of the child. You can ask questions that pertain to how the child thinks. Is the child a high IQ child? Is the child musically gifted? Is the child an introvert or an extrovert? How does the child socialize with other children? Has the child faced any trauma in the past? Is the child a victim of some traumatic experience? Does the child have difficulty paying attention to the teacher? Does the child have attention deficiency disorder or ADD? Find out if the child is psychologically and mentally capable of being immersed in a daycare center. If you do not think that the child can mix well in a daycare center then you should recommend another place for the child.

Third, examine the background of the parents. This is very important since you will be interacting not only with the children but with the parents as well. You have to please both parties in order for your daycare center to succeed. What kind of work are the parents into? Do they have very busy schedules? Are they doctors, nurses, bankers, engineers, or scientists? You will learn a lot about the child when you examine the parent. You will learn how to manage the child and you will also learn how to deal with the parent eventually. Make your questions as comprehensive as possible so that you do not encounter any problems whatsoever when you accept the child into your daycare facility. Not only will you have an easier time managing the daycare, you will also bring out the best in the child when you know what the child is made of.

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