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Daycare Mission Statements

If you want to run a good daycare facility then you need to have daycare mission statements. What is in a mission statement anyway? In the mission statement, you have to state your ultimate goal and aspiration as a daycare center. In companies, they have mission statements too. For example, in a snack food production company, their mission statement can go something like this, “We aim to provide all the consumers the best quality snack products from the best ingredients from around the world. A car manufacturing company can have a mission statement that can go something like this, “To produce the highest quality vehicles for use by the public.” If you have a daycare center then you must have your own mission statement going.Daycare Mission Statements

What should your mission statement drive at? Only you can say what kind of mission statement you will make. It takes a visionary to make a good mission statement. There are some fundamentals though. When you make a mission statement, do not make a goal that is easily achieved. For example, do not make a mission statement that says, “To make a car that runs on hydrogen fuel.” If this were a mission statement of the car manufacturing company then what happens if the car manufacturing company actually makes one? They have to change their mission statement altogether. If you keep changing mission statements then your business will have a problem. Your business will seem to have no direction at all. What will happen to the car manufacturing company after the hydrogen fueled car is made? What will happen if there is a better alternative source of fuel? If you can not come up with a decent mission statement then you might have to ask help from business consultants.

When making a mission statement, also keep in mind that this is the vision of your company. If you are a daycare center then your mission statement should sound like the ultimate ideal for your company. It may sound something like this, “To provide a great environment for a child’s growth and development.” The mission statement may sound too general at first but you can further narrow it down if you want to target a specific need. For example, you can say that the mission statement of your daycare is “to provide a great environment for children while parents are temporarily out at work.” Keep thinking and you will be able to come up with a good mission statement for you company.

Daycare Statistics

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