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One of the most important things about running a daycare facility is having good daycare menus. The children in the daycare facility will play and learn a lot but if there is no food to give them energy then you will not be able to function as a daycare facility.


If you want to ensure that you give the right amount of energy to the children in your daycare facility then you need to have good menus. You have to fill up your menus with nutritional food.

  • You have to give the children fruits and vegetables. You have to give the children calcium in the form of milk and cheese.
  • You have to give the children protein in the form of meat and beans.
  • You have to give the children carbohydrates for energy.
  • You have to give them bread, rice, and all sorts of wheat.
  • If you want the children to be lively and playful in your daycare then your menu must include these kinds of food.
  • You should avoid giving the children too much sugar.
  • Too much sugar will give the children a sugar rush.
  • This boost of energy is temporary and they will later on crash.

They will feel very tired and very sleepy after their sugar rush. You should avoid giving the children soft drinks because this will give them stomach aches. Some children are still sensitive to carbonated drinks.


Do not give them soda if they are still incapable of digesting such liquid. Daycare Menus

The menus at your daycare will also serve as a sales and marketing pitch to your prospective customers.

When the customers go to your daycare, they will examine the activity center. They will see if the children are lively and if they are learning a lot.

Giving the children the right food will make their brain absorb information and will make them lively.

When your customers visit the daycare facility, they will also look at the bathrooms and the dining rooms.

These places have to be tidy and clean as much as possible. The menu is something that the parents would like to look at.

If you have a good menu in your daycare then you might simply convince the parents to send their child to this facility. Eating is one of the more important things that human beings do.

If you want the children in your daycare facility to feel great then feed them with great food. Make the children enjoy their stay at the daycare.

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