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Daycare Handbooks

If you have a daycare facility then you must give out daycare handbooks for the parents and for the children if they are old enough. Why should you have handbooks anyway?


Just like in a university or a college, you will need to have handbooks so that you can refer to them when you have a question in your head.

  • In a university,
  • the handbook will have information on where to go when you get sick,
  • where the library is,
  • the grading system for the university,
  • how much tuition costs, 
  • how much a dormitory rental will cost,
  • the sanctions for misbehaving,
  • and all sorts of valuable information.

If you have a daycare facility then the handbook that you will give must have a lot of informative content too.daycare handbooks

One of the things that you might want to put in your handbook is a list of activities that your children will do.

You do not have to list all the activities in the handbook. You can put general activities instead.

Instead of putting “watching a multimedia feature on Italy,” you can put “multimedia features” instead.

Instead of putting “building blocks with Lego,” you can put “creative activities” instead.

This will give the parents an idea on what happens in a daycare center when they leave their children there.

They will not be so worried when they know what happens at the daycare.

You can also put a general menu on the handbook. Instead of putting “Bolognese Pasta,” you can put “pasta dishes” instead.

A daycare handbook does not have to be so specific when it comes to details like this. You can also add an anti allergy section in the handbook.

If you want to request an anti allergy menu for your child then you should put an anti allergy menu on the handbook.

This anti allergy menu may exclude shrimps, crabs, and all sorts of seafood.

Playing guidelines and misbehavior sanctions can also be put in the handbook. You can never avoid children misbehaving. It is in their nature to misbehave.

You can put the sanctions that the children will get if they do not behave properly. You can put in the handbook that the children will be sent to the corner if they keep talking out of turn.

You can also put in the handbook that the children will be sent to another room if they keep abusing other children physically.

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