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Daycare Daily Report

You will have to produce a daycare daily report when you run a daycare center. This works like a diary for your business. You have to put down what happened during the day so that you can refer back to it when necessary.


This may sound like a hassle but you have to do it for your own good. You never know when you have to look back on something you may have overlooked before.

Daycare Daily Report

What are things that you put on your daily report anyway? This will vary from daycare to daycare but there are some fundamentals that have to be observed.

First of all, you have to record the attendance. You need to know who came in for the day and who did not.

Why is this important? If a child is missing then you might be held liable if you do not keep a daily report.

There are a lot of kidnappings going on so you should not compromise on the details of your attendance. You do not want to end up in jail, right?

Second, you have to record significant events and activities that happened during the day.

What is the teacher going to discuss on Monday? What are the games that the children will play on Tuesday?

  • What are the students going to learn on Wednesday?
  • All these events have to be recorded so you know what to tell the parents just in case they ask what you did on that day.
  • Third, you have to record the meals that the children will eat during the day.
  • You have to make sure all the meals are recorded properly because there might be a day that a child will go home with allergies.
  • Some children develop allergies at a certain stage of their growth and they might discover their allergy on that day.
  • The parents will ask you what was served on that day and you have to be able to answer.

If you think that making daily reports is such a hassle then think again. Imagine if you didn’t make a daily report.

If a parent asks you what you served on a particular day and you can not answer them then you will get into big trouble. If a parent asks you why their child is so traumatized with dinosaurs then you have to be able to answer them.

If you do not answer them then you will get into big trouble. You will never know that the dinosaurs in storytelling time left a psychological scar on the child.

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