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Average Cost of Daycare Is Pretty High

If you are planning to send your child to daycare then you have to know the average cost of daycare. This will cost you around seven hundred dollars a month for infants and around five hundred dollars a month for toddlers.

In most cases, it is better to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a daycare center than paying for a private nanny. A private nanny can cost you around two thousand dollars and can even go up to three thousand a month. Average Cost of Daycare

If you are thinking whether to send your child to a daycare center or to hire a private nanny then take into consideration the following factors.

First, find out your schedule. Is your schedule erratic or is it fixed? Some daycare centers will fine you if you pick up your child late.

If you have a very erratic schedule then you have to find out the fines on the daycare center. You might end up paying a lot more on the fines than hiring a private nanny.

Second, find out if you are willing to entrust your child’s development to a daycare center or to a nanny.

Daycare centers will have structured learning and development techniques and activities as opposed to the random activities that a nanny will do.

Your child will also benefit from the constant socializing with the other children in a daycare aks about disease prevention.

Third, is your child healthy enough to go to a daycare center? Is your child or infants sickly? If you have a sickly child then you have to consider the environment of a child.

In a daycare center, you child will be exposed to a lot of airborne viruses. If your child does not have a strong resistance for the common colds then you might want to consider getting a nanny for your child instead. You do not want to risk the health of your child.

Fourth, if you have a lot of children then you might benefit on economies of scale on your nanny. If you are going to spend five hundred dollars per head on a child in a daycare center then you will spend two thousand dollars for four children in a daycare center.

You might be able to get a good deal with a nanny who is willing to take care of four kids for one thousand five hundred dollars a month. When you are thinking about daycare versus a nanny, you should weigh in factors like this too.

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